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How to Use Parchment Paper in Air Fryer – All you need to know

Parchment Paper in Air Fryer

Experience the magic that an air fryer can do with parchment paper. Say no to the sticky messes and go for the perfectly cooked meals with the parchment paper in air fryer.

Parchment paper is one of the most versatile tools that can be used with the air fryer. It helps in conveniently cooking the food and ensures easy cleanup. If the parchment paper is used perfectly, it would ensure a better air frying experience by providing a non-stick surface. Come along with us and know the wonders of parchment papers in air fryer!

What is Parchment Paper?

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper refers to a special type of paper that is used for cooking or baking purpose. It is also known as baking or bakery paper. This paper is heat and moisture-resistant. Parchment Paper can be used in air fryers or ovens at up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit without burning or releasing harmful chemical substances.

Its non-stick surface prevents the food from sticking, hence, it also makes the clean-up easy. Moreover, it is also a greaseproof. It ensures that no fat or oil could pass through it. This makes it perfect for baking.

You can easily find parchment papers in kitchen supply stores or supermarkets in the form of tools or precut sheets. Overall, it is a convenient tool for cooking, reheating, or baking food in ovens, microwaves, and air fryers.

Uses of Parchment Paper

Uses of Parchment Paper

  1. Baking: This paper is most commonly used for lining baking pans. Its greaseproof nature helps the oil to remain locked into it and does not let them stick to the baking utensil. While baking cakes, pastries, cookies, etc, it is recommended to use it.
  2. Roasting: Mostly the food sticks to the cooking utensil while roasting. Therefore, parchment paper is used for roasting so that the meat and veggies would not stick and we can clean the cooking utensil easily.
  3. Steaming: If food comes directly in contact with water while steaming, it becomes soggy and moist. Therefore, parchment paper is used in making pouches or parcels in which we can put the meat veggies, and other food items for steaming. In this way, they get steam without coming into direct contact with the water.

Can you put parchment paper in an air fryer?

Yes, you can use parchment paper in air fryer. However, if you want to do that, you only need to take care of certain things which are as follows:

  1. Every air fryer brand has different guidelines for using parchment paper. Therefore, check for the manufacturer’s guidelines before using it.
  2. Make sure that the parchment paper that you lined up in the air fryer does not block the air vents so the air could circulate freely to cook the food evenly.
  3. Most importantly, parchment paper in Air Fryer acts as a barrier between the hot air and food, therefore, it is important to increase the cooking time slightly to ensure even cooking.

Tips for Using Parchment Paper in Air Fryer

Tips for Using Parchment Paper

Using parchment paper in air fryer could sometimes go wrong if we do not handle it with care. Therefore, here are some tips that would help you to use parchment paper in the air fryer.

  1. Compatibility Check: Not all air fryer brands are parchment paper friendly, therefore, you need to go through the guidelines to see whether you should use it in your air fryer model or not.
  2. Buy pre-cut air fryer parchment paper: There are pre-cut air fryer parchment papers available in the market. They are cut to fit the dimensions of the air fryer so that they could fit perfectly into it without interrupting the process of even cooking.
  3. Trim the regular Parchment Paper: If you are not using the precut parchment paper, you can trim the regular one as per the size of the air fryer basket. It is recommended to leave a border on the edges to make sure that air could circulate throughout the basket.
  4. Prick holes: Some of the foods that we make in the air fryer require air to circulate evenly. For those foods, you are supposed to pick the holes into them so that air could circulate freely and the food would not become soggy.
  5. Check the cooking temperature: The parchment paper in air fryer can bear the temperature to a maximum of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, however, if you are cooking at a temperature higher than that, then it is recommended to not use it. Moreover, you should also check the type of paper as different types of paper are different heat resistant.

Substitute for air fryer parchment paper

If you do not want to use parchment paper for air fryers, you can go for some other substitutes as well. Here is the list, check it out:

  1. Aluminum Foil: It is nonstick and ensures easy cleaning.
  2. Silicon Mat: It is also non-stick, reusable, and heat resistant.
  3. Cooking Spray: It also prevents food from sticking to the air fryer.

Parchment Paper vs Wax Paper

Parchment Paper

Wax Paper


It has a coating of cellulose or silicon It has a coating of wax.

Heat Bearing

Can bear up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Not suitable for the high temperature.


It is non-stick. It has limited non-stick properties.

Appliance friendliness

It is friendly with many appliances. It is not friendly with many appliances.


It can be used for baking, steaming, roasting, etc. It is used for wrapping food items or lining underneath no-bake items.


air fryer parchment paper

1.     Is parchment paper safe for your health when heated in an air fryer?

Yes, this parchment paper is safe. All the harmful residues were removed from it while cooking.

2.     Is there any special parchment paper for the air fryer?

Yes, there is a specific parchment paper for the air fryers. They are called precut air fryer parchment paper and help in fitting perfectly in the air fryer.

3.     Is parchment paper safer than aluminum foil?

Yes, parchment papers are considered a safer option than aluminum foil because of their nonstick properties, heat conductivity, and environmental friendliness.

4.     What is parchment paper made of?

They are made from the cellulose fiber that comes from wood.

5.     Are parchment paper and butter paper the same?

No, most people get confused between air fryer parchment paper and butter paper. However, they both are different. Parchment paper has silicon coating while butter paper is made from wax coating.


To conclude, parchment paper is one of the convenient kitchen supplies that can be used in the air fryer. It is heat, moisture, and grease resistant. Using Parchment Paper in Air fryer helps you to cook a variety of foods like meat, fish, veggies, bakery items, etc. without sticking into the air fryer. It is safe, environmentally friendly, and easy to use. Therefore, you must use it while cooking anything in the air fryer.



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