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Pizza Rolls in air fryer – Hot & Crispy with Tasty Sauces

Pizza Rolls in air fryer

Experience the magical taste of fried pizza rolls in air fryer. It’s crispiness and golden perfection takes your pizza rolls eating experience to new heights. Your tastebuds will crave more!!!

An air fryer is the game changer in cooking frozen snacks like pizza rolls. It has transformed the snaking experience and now we can enjoy restaurants like pizza rolls at home. The air fryer makes sure that your pizza rolls are perfectly crispy and golden. Let’s dive deep and explore how we can make irresistible pizza rolls in air fryer!!!

What are Pizza Rolls?

Pizza rolls are one of the most famous appetizers. They are bite-size pocket pizzas made up of pizza dough, topped with pizza sauce, chicken, cheese, and veggies. It is layered with garlic butter which enhances its flavor.

Can pizza rolls be cooked in air fryer?

Yes, the air fryer can cook pizza rolls. It’s a very simple process; air frying pizza rolls take much less time than baking them in the oven and produces a delicious crunchy exterior. Air fryer pizza rolls are a great snack for any occasion.

Ingredients for Making Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

Ingredients for Making Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

The ingredients that are required to make pizza rolls are as follows:

  • Frozen or fresh pizza rolls
  • Garlic butter mixture to brush on pizza rolls

How to air fry pizza rolls with garlic butter?

The addition of garlic butter while air-frying pizza rolls takes snacking experience reach new heights. Everyone should try out this recipe as it is very easy and delicious. To air-fry pizza rolls with garlic butter, follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  1. Preheat the oven to 380 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Make a mixture of butter, garlic, oil, salt, and pepper.
  3. Place the frozen or homemade pizza rolls in the basket of air fryer and brush the mixture on it.
  4. Air fry it for 8 to 10 minutes at 380 degrees Fahrenheit or until they are perfectly cooked.

Expert tips to follow while air frying pizza rolls

Do not overcrowd the pizza rolls: One of the most important things to keep in mind while cooking pizza rolls in air fryer is to not overcrowd them. If they are overcrowded, they would not be cooked evenly. Moreover, they would be less crispy and soggy. Therefore, if you are planning to cook a large number of pizza rolls in the air fryer, cook them in batches.

Do not use cooking spray on it: The air fryer pizza rolls do not require cooking spray to be sprinkled. When we make pizza rolls in air fryer, they turn out perfectly crispy without even oil spraying. However, if you feel that your pizza rolls are getting dry, you can sprinkle one or two spray. Make sure that you do not spray it a lot. Otherwise, the pizza rolls would become soggy.

Best Sauces that go with air fried Frozen Pizza Rolls

Best Sauces that go with air fried Frozen Pizza Rolls

Snacks are always delicious when they are eaten together with sauces. Here are our top 3 sauces for pizza rolls you can easily find anywhere.

Marinara Sauce: It is a classic sauce that goes with the pizza rolls. With this sauce, you can enjoy tangy and savory pizza rolls.

Barbeque Sauce: If you are looking for some smoky and sweet sauce with pizza rolls, it is one of the best options. It goes very well with the pizza rolls with heavy meat topping.

Ranch Sauce: The creamy and tangy flavor of ranch goes perfectly with the pizza rolls. The hot rolls along with the refreshing sauce make a perfect blend of flavors.

Is it better to microwave or Air fry Pizza Rolls?

According to our experience, it is better to air fry the pizza rolls as compared to microwaving them due to various reasons. First of all, the texture of the air fryer pizza rolls is better. They turn out golden and crispy outside and soft inside when you air fry pizza rolls. Moreover, the cooking mechanism of the air fryer through air circulation ensures even cooking. It also makes the pizza rolls more crispy and less soggy. Therefore, an air fryer is a better option to cook pizza rolls.

Pizza Rolls in air fryer Homemade (Recipe)

Many food lovers don’t like frozen foods at all. Moreover, fresh snacks are always a step ahead of frozen foods when we talk about taste. With our easy recipe, you can make pizza rolls at home in no time. Let’s explore what stuff you require:


  • Pizza dough
  • Mozzarella cheese (shredded)
  • Pizza sauce
  • Italian seasoning
  • Pizza toppings (any toppings that you like such as meat, mushrooms, capsicum, onion, pepperoni, etc)


  1. Roll out the pizza dough and cut them into small squares.
  2. Grab a big bowl and mix together some pizza sauce, Italian seasoning, and your favorite pizza toppings. Don’t forget to add plenty of grated cheese for that extra cheesy taste.
  3. Add this mixture to the pizza dough squares. (Mentioned in step 1)
  4. Gently moisten the edges of the square and then fold the bottom corners over the filling. Gently tuck the sides inwards, securing the filling within. This will create a neat, tidy package that can be enjoyed.
  5. The homemade pizza rolls are ready. Air fry them and enjoy them with your favorite dips.

How to Store and Reheat Pizza Rolls in an air fryer

How to Store and Reheat Pizza Rolls in an air fryer

To store pizza rolls, put them into an airtight container. Place the container into the fridge. It is recommended to not store the leftover pizza rolls for more than 3 days, otherwise, they would get rotten.

To reheat pizza rolls, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Preheat the oven to 380 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Place the leftover pizza rolls into it. Make sure that you would not overcrowd them.
  3. Heat the pizza rolls for 6 to 8 minutes, flipping them halfway through to ensure even heating. Make sure they are thoroughly heated before serving.
  4. Cool them for a few minutes and enjoy!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to cook frozen pizza rolls in an air fryer?

The total time to cook pizza rolls in air fryer is 12 minutes. It includes 6 minutes of preheating and 6 minutes of cooking.

What temperature to cook pizza rolls in air fryer?

The ideal temperature to cook pizza is 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

Should I spray the basket before air-frying pizza rolls?

No, you do not need to spray the basket before air-frying pizza rolls. However, if you want to add some oil, just spray the olive oil and avoid using regular cooking spray.

Why do My Pizza Rolls explode while Air frying?

Pizza rolls tend to burst when they are cooked for too long. To prevent this from happening, simply reduce the temperature of the air fryer. This will ensure that your rolls stay intact.

How to air fry pizza rolls crispy?

To make crispy pizza rolls in the air fryer, do not overcrowd the air fryer, increase the timing of cooking for a few more minutes, and flip the rolls halfway.


We all have a soft spot for Pizza Rolls; they are a classic favorite. Plus, with their convenient size, you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere! So next time you’re in need of a snack, go for the Pizza Rolls and enjoy. And now you do not need to go to restaurants to enjoy perfect pizza rolls. This article has shed light on how you can make the perfect golden and crispy pizza rolls in air fryer. We hope that the recipes, tips, and hacks that we have shared with you would help you in transforming your pizza roll-making experience at home.



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